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Free Domains from FREENOM

        “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” Juliet in William Shakespeare’s play Romeo and Juliet What to call a domain name for your site? I’d suggest you do a bit of research on that. At the bottom of the page is my experiences with site naming, definitely not the most successful. All

There’s a plug-in for that! Free plugins to enhance your WP websites

        There’s a Plugin for that! My blog and some of my other web sites focus on visualising Asset & Facilities Management issues , so uses BIM, CAD, PDF’s, maps, databases, photographs, tables, graphs and other data associated with properties. I want to highlight Free WordPress Plugins that have worked for me on my Blog, Demo

WordPress Free Panorama Plugin Testing

        I see panoramic 360/180 pictures as an extremely useful tool for Facility Management. As an Architect who goes to site to capture information on existing buildings and sites, the frustration of having a photo cut off just where you wanted to see something just outside the normal picture frame, usually requiring a 2nd visit to

Quick Drawing access anywhere online with PDF download

        Having access to the information quickly is important. My experience has been that if people try and assume and guess they usually end up doing a lot more work than initially envisaged. Having information early means you can plan and anticipate. Revit creates Web Page with Images This video (7.38min) shows you how to export

Building Information Site and Bar/QR Codes

         Note: a QRcode reader would be useful to read the codes to understand the usefulness of accessing data for Facilities Management. After capturing data about buildings, the information generally gets stored in an AMIS (Asset Management Information System) for use for forecasting and managing assets. These systems are usually sophisticated and not easily used.