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Orange 3. Text Mining basic exploration

        A few words of jargon in the Text Mining area. Corpus. In linguistics, a corpus or text corpus is a large and structured set of texts. They are used to do statistical analysis and hypothesis testing, checking occurrences or validating linguistic rules within a specific language territory. Token. Tokenization is the process of demarcating and

Asset Tiger 4. Testing features Reports, Localisation/Date/Time Format and Site/Location , Audit, Geo-location & Map

        Reports Standard reports The out of the box (OOTB) Asset Report is pretty standard, not too many field, as in, none of the custom fields that you have added come through. You have 2 options, the Asset by ID Tag  or Asset by Tag with Pictures. (screenshots 1 & 2 below). Both show you all

Asset Tiger 3. Testing features Linking, Photo’s, Documents, STATUS Broken/Repaired, Alerts & Mobile App

        Linking If you look at the video on linking (bottom left video link) you can see how assets can be linked together. I wondered whether this could be a useful tool for linking lots of assets together, say, for a room. You can do this linking process within the browser, selecting one asset at a

Asset Tiger 2. Testing features Search, Delete, Export/Import & Data Structure

        After writing the initial post which I wrote whilst setting up and populating the database I had a further play, using the Mobile App, or rather, I didn’t get very far at all. The company who set up the free Asset Management Site make Bar Code tags, so the accessing of data would be by

100 Posts

        Dear visitor, I hope you have enjoyed some of the posts or got some useful insights/help that have assisted you in your work or interest. I have enjoyed writing most of these and learning some varied skills along the way, not all in the areas I expected when I started the journey. One thing that

Asset Tiger 1. free Online Asset Management Service with Free mobile app

         The AlternativeTo website popped up Asset Tiger as a free asset management tool when I typed in Alternatives to OpenMAINT. It is a cloud based tool and has a mobile app so that you can use it on your smartphone or tablet which is good too, as its free (the OpenMAINT one isn’t). Asset

DataTables for dynamic database queries for tables on web pages & export tools

        I have been interested in displaying tabulated data on a web page from a Database, exploring what is out there to use. WordPress has a couple of Free Table add-in’s but they are usually only available for uploading static data to your website (or from Excel/CSV). There is one WordPress Add-in that read from a

Excel web scraping and connecting to database. Dynamic updating of Excel imported data

        After writing the previous post on web scraping and the example given of using Google Spreadsheet to obtain a web table I started wondering about Excel. I was aware that it had a web connection so decided to explore those. This first video shows how to automate the data scraping  from websites into Excel: Then

Google searching, free Web Scraping tools and free Extract Tables from PDF tool.

        I have been looking at some of the free Data Science and Cognitive Computing Courses and was following the Data Journalism: First Steps, Skills and Tools course. The Google Searching video was on improving your searches in Google using the following: quotes to get specific key words eg “data science on construction” using – sign

Python 8. Jupyter Notebook

         There is an interactive tutorial here running Python. This instance is running from another website so could be slow. I found this video extremely good for setting up (I used the pip install method not anaconda) and how to use it. The Jupyter Notebook The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows