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Excel web scraping and connecting to database. Dynamic updating of Excel imported data

        After writing the previous post on web scraping and the example given of using Google Spreadsheet to obtain a web table I started wondering about Excel. I was aware that it had a web connection so decided to explore those. This first video shows how to automate the data scraping  from websites into Excel: Then

Google searching, free Web Scraping tools and free Extract Tables from PDF tool.

        I have been looking at some of the free Data Science and Cognitive Computing Courses and was following the Data Journalism: First Steps, Skills and Tools course. The Google Searching video was on improving your searches in Google using the following: quotes to get specific key words eg “data science on construction” using – sign

Python 8. Jupyter Notebook

         There is an interactive tutorial here running Python. This instance is running from another website so could be slow. I found this video extremely good for setting up (I used the pip install method not anaconda) and how to use it. The Jupyter Notebook The Jupyter Notebook is an open-source web application that allows

Github – learning basic setup and use

        I have downloaded a lot of stuff from Github but haven’t really bothered figuring what it was about. I found this video a simple way to get my head around it and get to use it initially: Github Tutorial For Beginners – Github Basics for Mac or Windows & Source Control Basics I had signed

Python 6. How to automate the creation of HTML pages for 360 Panorama’s

        Panoramic files (360/180) can be viewed directly with a programme such as Paint, but they do not make much sense. You need a specific Panoramic programme to read the files correctly. I use the FREE photo sphere viewer by Jeremy Heleine. Follow the link to see the demos. The method that the programme uses is

Panorama file Hotspot setup using FREE Photo Sphere Viewer, plan link & tabs

        The newย ย  photo sphere viewer by Jeremy Heleine allows you to put Markers on your Panorama . See demo here. I think that is pretty cool and I wondered if you could make them into Hyperlinks to link other panoramas to make a virtual tour. So I did some tests. My previous way to be

Free Mobile & Web Survey Application for easy data collection using Open Data Kit (ODK)

        After trying and writing post about EpiCollect5 I decided to look at another data collection tool, Open Data Kit (ODK). A brief overview of it in video below: This has some strengths and weaknesses over EpiCollect5. Weaknesses: Only Android App, not Apple (but since there are lots of cheap Android mobiles this is not a

Free Mobile & Web Survey Application for easy data collection using Epicollect5

         I had a couple of attempts at creating a mobile phone app for surveys. See this post and this one. I got distracted by the CRUD process and let it rest for a while. Whilst looking for some Python Mapping tools, I came across this article regarding capturing GPS data and was taken with

Building Data Wrangling for Analysis using Power BI, Knime, Excel & SQL Express

         This is the LINK to the report. The idea is to use powerBI to display data about different elements on a Dashboard so you can drill into the data. In the above screenshot I have tables showing Standard, Upper & Lower Baselife Data with conditions by colour and a map referencing where the properties