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Tsheets review & Timesheet Template

        Tsheets is powerful and robust and delivers the basics that I need. Timesheet Template, powerful but has bugs. I recommend Tsheets. At the end of my previous post on Free online time sheet programme Toggl (rubbish) and Tsheets (good) with the title indicating my views. I had spent about 4 days using Toggl and when

Beginning SEO with Yoast plugin

        I hang my head in shame! I watched SEO For Beginners: 3 Powerful SEO Tips  by Neil Patel and he makes three points in his video: Make your content thorough, Keywords in Title & Meta description, Use Google Search Console, So for the first time after about 3 years of  posting articles I finally did

Finding leads for my Services Website- web scraping? Targeting business URL’s-Part 3

        At the end of the last post I put a few steps for my process: Part 1.Initially broad targeting. Harvesting personal emails with searches which include etc. Part 2. I need to find some Facility Management Directories and do a web crawl on some of those. To do that I could use the Firefox