Cloud AHK & AutoHotKey with Win 10

I ‘m just resetting up my AutoHotKey(AHK) FastKeys (see previous post for activating on startup) when I wondered if you could use AHK’s with Revit. i found this old YT video that does some interesting activities within Revit from 2008. A bit of a fuzzy video but good to see a useful application. Also, fossiking

Home Server

I just bought a HPE PROLIANT ML310e GEN 8 V2 SERVER on TradeMe for 458$. Unfortunately I bought it Christmas Eve so I’ll need to wait until early New Year before it arrives. It does not have any Hard Drives or Operating System, so this is going to be a learning project. The reason for

Some BBC articles on numbers

I was reading a BBC article on social isolation and came across 3 links about numbers that were quite interesting. One was The number glitch that can lead to catastrophe that talks about integer overflow and uses a lot of examples that were in an audiobook (Humble Pi by Matt Parker) on number errors that

Y2k38 Epochalypse

I’m listening to “Humble Pi” by Matt Parker about mathmatical & computational glitches and it mentions the Y2k38 bug. This is when a 32 bit processor will reach a binery count of 32 1’s and then reset to 32 0’s. 32 bit computers use Unix time, starting from 1 Jan 1970 as a start point

PWA Progressive Web Apps- Tutorials , WordPress PWA plugin & chrome dev scrape web page table

I have been watching this series by the Net Ninja. He does really comprehensive beginner tutorials and I was extremely impressed with his series on PWA’s. PWA’s can run offline by caching data in browser From what I can figure PWA’s are web pages that work offline by caching info in your browser- newer browsers