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OpenMAINT and GIS on Localhost. Part 1

I decided to look at the GIS ( Geographic Information System) component of OpenMAINT. I decided to test this initially on my PC. To date, I have not been able to activate the GIS component. I am stuck with the following error: Call: services/json/schema/setup/saveconfiguration ————————————————— Error: org.cmdbuild.exception.ORMException: ORM_POSTGIS_NOT_FOUND         at org.cmdbuild.exception.ORMException But the steps below may

OpenMAINT locating Assets in Building/Complex structure

After setting up the Complex, Building, Level, Unit, Room and the associated relations between them, the next part is to decide where to put elements associated with these items, such as: Doors, windows, wall substrates, wall finishes, floors types, floor finishes, ceiling substrates, ceiling finishes, external wall types external wall finishes, These need to hang