How to setup openMAINT on localHost (Win 10 PC) Part 2 with Shark Together Workflow Server for workorders

On Starting openMAINT you get this error of the image to the left on the opening page. It is related to the Shark Server.  This is the Workflow server. I actually found that the file for shark.war was in fact corrupted with the openMAINT download 1.1 2.4.3  version. See Image 2 below, this shows that

OpenMAINT 2. Export/Insert Data & Multiple Update procedures & links to 3DPDFs, Plans and Maps

OpenMAINT putting data into system Export/Import Manually putting in data line by line  using “cards” can be tedious, especially when data spreads across 3 or more tabs. So openMAINT has a couple of ways to bulk input/update. They are in the Administration Tab under “Utiulities” (at bottom) in LH side bar. You can select a