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More free tools for productivity

Google Calendar and time sheets In the last productivity post Free productivity with Google Docs & sheets I talked about using the Google Sheets Add-in time sheets. This linked to a Google Calendar and any event with a “#” at the beginning it took as a Time sheet input. It then created a Report with

Automate PC with free tools

Actiona Microsoft Flows- Tested but didn’t work testing VoiceMacro and Automation Workshop Actiona Actiona  (formerly known as Actionaz) is free, it is a task automation tool. It allows you to create and execute action lists. You don’t need to know any programming language to use it: its intuitive interface allows you to create action lists

Automation in Windows free tools

In this post: Automation Workshop RoboTask Lite Firefox logins and seeing passwords PowerShell- First attempt- Logging into WordPress site Batchrun You search for a solution for one operation, then explore different solutions for more general operations, then you start testing a lot of programmes that are more generalised, to come back to something that was